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Ljutomerska cesta 28a, 9250 Gornja Radgona Taste and quality are the key aspects, ensured by Panvita, while leaving the rest to your creativity and inspiration.

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Robert SEVER farm

Cven 32 9240 Ljutomer, Križevci pri Ljutomeru. The farm SEVER is located at the village Cven, which is already famous for its so called “Mura Agricultural Aristocracy”. Cven is also the cradle of harness racing, which was always accompanied by excellent culinary delicacies of the Prlekija region and its most important product, Prleška tünka.

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Daniel VARGAZON farm

Cven 14 9240 Ljutomer The farm is located in Cven, which is between the river Mura, Ljutomer, Banovci and Veržej. Prleška tünka is one of the products, prepared by the Vargazon family according to the old recipes and exclusively from pigs, bred at their farm.

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