Prleška tünka


Even though this product has been made domestically, in the villages, since long ago, very few manufacturers produce it in the so called industrial production or market it in a way, where it would be available outside the Prlekija region.

Modern technology, however, is in no way a barrier from manufacturing a product by the traditional method, considering, that the so called industrial conditions ensure the highest level of hygiene and the processes are monitored in accordance with the highest quality standards, thus ensuring a continued quality even in the larger series of product manufacture. These are all assurances, that the consumer will always receive such a product, as it is described in the treatise on the protection of the product Prleška tünka.

For this reason, we established a project, through which we wish to accelerate the sale of Prleška tünka and bring it closer to larger numbers of consumers.

The carrier of the project is:
Društvo za promocijo in zaščito prleških dobrot – Association For Promotion And Protection Of Prlekija Delicacies,
Križevci pri Ljutomeru 11,
9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru